Kombucha! For Consumers For Businesses Kemboocha, the tasty Kemboocha is a world-class kombucha made from organic ingredients that are raw & vegan.

Fresh Flavors

Our Kemboocha is raw, organic, with original fruit blends. We don’t use artificial flavorings or preservatives.


$44.94$86.67 available on subscription

$31.69$57.78 available on subscription

$31.69$57.78 available on subscription


Our Story

As a mother of 5, I’ve always looked for innovative ways to incorporate nourishing foods into my family’s diet. With 20 years experience crafting my own special blend of kombucha, I’m bringing you this wholesome blend for you to enjoy and share with your family.


Farm Fresh Ingredients

All of our ingredients are organic and locally sourced from farms in Atlanta, GA. We utilize seasonal ingredients that are picked at the peak of perfection to provide you with the freshest tasting kombucha.

Other Ways to Use #Booch



Kemboocha tastes great in smoothies. It’s a great replacement for the liquid part of your favorite smoothie recipe. It adds great flavor and the probiotics needed for optimal gut health. We have five flavors for you to choose from.



Need a refreshing treat for the summer? #Booch can make a great popsicle. Simply freeze it in popsicle molds and enjoy on a hot summer day.


Kombucha Float

Got a hankering for an ice cream float?  Try a kombucha float. Enjoy the refreshing taste of a past-time favorite without the sugary soda. Add whip cream and cherry on top to make it complete and you’ve got the perfect drink for a friday night movie.


Cocktails & Mocktails

Did you know that Kemboocha makes a great chaser? Mix one of fabulous flavors with the alcohol to create your own custom drinks. Fancy something traditional? Replace the kombucha for ginger beer in your traditional moscow mule. If you are forgoing alcohol, mix sun goddess with lime juice, mint and coconut sugar, and enjoy an alcohol free mojito.

Would you like to order multiple varieties in one subscription?