sharing is caring – The importance of Kemboocha in a covid19 world!

sharing is caring – The importance of Kemboocha in a covid19 world!

Factual information is important for all of us. We strive to present clear concise information to support our customers and community. The base tea used to brew Kemboocha is black and green tea. Green tea’s major antioxidant and antimicrobial properties are catechins. Catechins help breakdown the binding quality of bacteria to weaken its ability to attach to human cells (thus giving the host a chance to fight off bacterial infections) (Reygaert, 2018).

We know a major symptom of the new virus is shortness of breath (cdc, 2020b). With new research, the symptom can be linked to the bacteria family of prevotella (Chakraborty, 2020). Prevotella causes pneumonia, which is also a symptom identified with positive virus patients. A study based on prevotella by scientist Sandeep Chakraborty (2020) has brought attention to its bacteria being an underlying case of decreased immunity, thus allowing further infection and can be a reason to the higher death rate. Prevotella bacteria is within the body at normal levels for healthy microbiome in both oral and gut, but has been found to be abundant in individuals with type 2 diabetes, elderly with weakened stomach acid,(both stated as higher risk individuals, (CDC, 2020a)) and those with poor oral care and cavities.

The antibiotic azithromycin and malaria treatment chloroquine are being given with zinc to patients tested positive with the virus to help decrease symptoms that are occurring due to the various bacterial infections. Quercetin supplement has been discussed to be offered as treatment as well.

Azithromycin is given to treat the bacterial symptoms meaning it is understood that covid is strengthened by bacterial infection. Chloroquine is given as research shows it carries zinc into the cell membrane (te Velthuis, A. J. W et.al., 2010). Zinc aids in fighting bacterial and viral invaders, however; it cannot penetrate the cell walls (where invaders thrive) without chloroquine thus not useful alone as active treatment (but great as preventative). Quercetin is looked at for its antioxidant properties as well as a secondary zinc compliment for cell penetration when combined with azithromycin (Reygaert, 2018). Quercetin is also being studied with approval to be used in China to help treat covid as Dr. Chretien (CBC Radio, 2020) states “quercetin has already proven successful at treating Ebola and zika viruses”.

Quercetins are naturally occurring flavonoids that function as active dietary antioxidants. These flavonoids are ubiquitous in foods, including vegetables such as onions, garlic, and ginger; fruit such as apples; and in tea and wine.

Berries and apples are rich in quercitin. Moon & Earth Goddess flavors both contain quercitin rich ingredients (berries & apples). Sun, moon and earth goddess all contain ginger.

These treatments are used to treat both the bacterial and viral infections.

The ingredients we choose, like green tea, black tea, ginger, elderberry and citrus are all types of natural ingredients that contain properties of quercetin. Quercetin inhibits growth factors of prevotella and aids in treatment of various viral infections (Chakraborty, 2020; CBC Radio, 2020). They can be used in conjunction with zinc to help increase immunity to decrease the chances of developing bacterial infection that intensifies the illness around covid, and hopefully prove to treat covid itself.

For more facts on the current public health crisis, visit cdc.gov

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