All About That Booch!

Winner winner chicken dinner!.Here is a great recipe for a Kemboocha marinade that is going to be a flavor bomb for your next chicken dinner..1 yellow onion – cut in quarters*4 in ginger root10 cloves of garlic (peeled & separated)¼ Thai or Vietnamese fish sauce1......

This pudding is loaded with goodness. Chia seeds (considered a superfood and booch (loaded with probiotics). 2 cups of fresh or frozen berries or fruit of choice (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, peaches, plums).½ cup Star Goddess Kemboocha3 Tbsp chia seeds2-3 Tbsp honey¼ tsp salt (pink Himalayan)......

Here is a recipe to make for the big game that everyone will love. Vegan cheese spread made with Kemboocha! Yes, you read that correctly! This cheese spread is made with Kemboocha. Check out the recipe! 2 cups raw cashews½ cup Star Goddess Kemboocha¼ organic......

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